username: GTF-DM-L-016 | password: MILKEVOLI
"oh no... oh no, oh no, oh no..."
"i'm a GAULEM. just a... a machine... a jumble of metal and plastic that pretends to be real."
"i just... why do you trust me so much? i'm a machine. i'm PART of this place! how can you trust a machine?"
"i'm sorry... my time's up... at least i get to... die in your arms. thank you, XXXXX. and... goodbye... doctor..

31th may 2024

-changed the layout of landing and main pages;

-started working on personal page;

29th may 2024

-small layouy changes on the main page

-sfw portfolio has been updated;

-idea vault has been updated;

-early access page has been updated with the newly made sets and illustrations;

-early access page now has downloadable preview pdfs for all sets;

-text entries have been to added the following pages: inferna pet route art gallery (2022 and 2023), fertily god duties main page;

-new art has been added to the 2024 inferna misc au gallery page;

17th may 2024

-now images on both archive pages (inferna and other nsfw stories) open a new window when clicked;

-more art added added on the following pages: 2024 misc oc nsfw art gallery and 2024 canon inferna art gallery

-small, misc. layout updates